Thinking of an Accounting Career: Career Salaries, Job Stats & Education

Are you fresh out of high school and thinking of becoming of following the lead of the many successful accountants Melbourne has? Do you want to switch careers and wondering what is a good stream to get into? Whether you are just starting out in the game of life or if you’ve got years of experience and you just want to readdress in a different career path, considering accounting is a good idea. Accountants can do a lot of different things, work within the public and private sectors and they are in high demand in various businesses and industries. Hence, it is a potentially good choice for you. Here are some information that will help make the case for the accounting and give you the information you need to prepare for it.

But first what qualifications do you need?

In order to become a certified accountant in Australia, there different levels of degrees you could be getting. A quick analysis of the accounting workforce shows that the largest number of accountants is within the age range of 25 to 34 and they are the holders of undergraduate degrees. This is why you could have a college degree or an undergraduate degree and still have a good chance at having a great career in accounting. Furthermore, you could sign up for an accounting degree online through open college that allows folks who are looking to switch careers or learn accounting on the side to do that on their own time.

Thinking of an Accounting Career


If you are considering joining the groups of successful accountants Melbourne has, then there are some good news for you. The employment in the accounting sector as well is shown to be rising regularly in Australia, as well as the salary. Compared to other professions in overall terms, accountants seem to be earning considerably more whenever it is full time work and just slightly over the average of other professions for part-time work, keeping in mind however that the average worked are about the same compared to other professions.

Great employment prospects

Since accounting is related to many different professions, research shows that the employment prospects are on the rise continuously. Recently with the rise of tourism, more and more accounting jobs have been in demand to facilitate and expand work in this sector.

Various types of work

Another very attractive quality of becoming an accountant is all the different types of work one can do with this type of degree. Accounting graduates can be working in both the private and the public sector.Accountants usually gain a lot of skills and are trained to do different types of jobs which makes very highly employable.

All this is great news for those who are considering a career in accounting in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. There are many different areas they can be working in as well many widely accessible degrees and methods of qualification making easy and accessible to pursue this career coupled with good commitment and hard work. Check to know more

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