The Best Way to Fire Your Accountant

Despite what many believe it is very much possible to fire an accountant whom you are not happy with or whom you believe is not doing what they should be. It can be difficult to go about firing someone when you have a business and really don’t have the time to deal with the hassle that goes with firing someone who works for you. However, if the accountant doesn’t meet up to your expectations or there are lots of problems with the accountant then it’s important you resolve a dispute quickly and make a decision over their position if only for the sake of the business. So, how can you fire someone? What’s the best way to fire your accountant?

Look at the Accountant’s Contract and Talk to them about the Problems

First things first, why are you firing them? Have the accountants Melbourne been handling your business in an inappropriate way? Has there been neglect or the ethical line been crossed? Is it a personal matter? You have to understand why you are actually firing the accountant so that you know everything has been done to potentially resolve the situation. If possible talk to them to resolve the problem. If it seems it’s unable to be resolved or you still feel as though they have acted in an inappropriate manner you need to look over the accountant’s contract with your company. Are there any stipulations over notice of termination? Knowing these things will make it easier to begin the firing process.

Have a New Accountant in Place

It seems crazy to have two accountants working for you but it’s a must when you want to get rid of one of them. Now, if you can, have a new accountant ready to start as and when you need them to. This will make the transition a lot smoother. However, you have to go about firing the current accountant in a professional and proper manner. You can’t just turn around and say ‘you’re out’, it must be handled in a professional manner. Remember, if you do not fire them properly or conduct yourself in the right manner, you could be liable for a lawsuit. You could even pay the accountant for the remainder of the month if you feel that is suitable for their contribution to your business. When you hire a new accountant and still haven’t fired the current one, ensure the new one knows the situation. That will make things a lot easier now and in the future also. See more.

Write A Letter Explaining Their Termination and Your Reasons and Ensure To Send It Certified

Having a registered or certified letter will ensure there are no mix-ups or problems later when firing an accounting professional. Writing a letter to the accountants Melbourne explaining that the business relationship between yourself and them is to terminate either on a certain date or the day they receive the letter. You can also explain to them why you have taken such steps (if you don’t want to list reasons you don’t necessary have to but it’s sometimes better so they know why). You should keep a copy of the receipt for the letter so that if they were to sue you later, you have proof you sent them a letter explaining the termination. You could also ask for a final bill for their fees.

Do what’s Right for Your Business

It’s a very difficult decision to take to fire someone, especially an accountant so you have to ensure everything is done in a professional and careful manner. However, once you fire the accountant your task is not over. You really should ensure the accountant cannot access your businesses’ accounts again once they have been terminated. Passwords and things such as that should be changed quickly so there are no risks to your business. Hopefully you and your new accountant will have a lasting business relationship. To find out more, check out

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